Franchise Fee: $54,500
Royalty: 7%
Total Investment: $175,825 - $236,825
Can Be Home Based: Yes

Founded: 2010
Franchised: 2014
VetFran Member: Yes

Spray-Net delivers unmatched quality at an affordable price for homeowners; and a niche business opportunity with the potential for high profit margins for franchisees. Spray Net has enjoyed stability and growth as an industry leader thanks, in part, to our dedication to investing in research and development. We want a Spray Net paint job to be more than just another coat of paint. Our groundbreaking technology allows our franchise partners to custom-blend the right paint for each job, allowing them total control over color as well as weather-proofing. A Spray Net paint job will look great for years thanks to this technology, making us a favorite among clients. Franchisees love that we’ve moved beyond brushes and rollers, and rely on spray technology to easily and effectively apply our custom-blended paint. When you take advantage of the Spray Net painting franchise opportunity, you’ll be joining with an industry leader whose strong reputation and dedication to research and development will be an asset to you as you grow your business.

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